Press Club

As the journalism cell of DAIICT, The Press Club strives to give voice to the student community and aspires to be a podium to lodge campus musings in all its moods.

To achieve its maxim, The Press Club engages in a number of  journalistic undertakings in the campus. Its principal product is Entelechy, DAIICT’s only campus magazine.

Entelechy, the student-run magazine of DA, has over the years and over its editions, morphed into a voice, a power, a passion and an endeavor in the verve of those it envelops, and that is what makes Entelechy more than a magazine. Entelechy is, to us, a concept of volition; it is the autonomy of thought and an enticement to ingenuity.

We, at the Press Club, aspire to make a difference in the littlest way we can; if not in the big, wide world yet, in the world around you and me.