“Sambhav means possible. Sambhav, at DA-IICT is a group of students with a motive or interest or urge to bring about some positive change in the society.

Sambhav organises various activities throughout the year. Book Sale is one of our prime activities where we sell old unused books at heavily discounted prices to students who wish to purchase them. We organise visits to nearby Orphanage and Deaf and Dumb School. These visits make students aware of the society they live in, making them more attached to various sections of the society as well as generate a sense of responsibility and connectedness. Another major event which we organise is the Blood Donation Camp where we organise a camp in the college premise itself, giving an opportunity the young budding youth of today a chance to serve the society.

Sambhav strives to develop a positive and empathetic attitude in students towards the society which they are or will be a part of. Sambhav grows, adopts and adapts dynamically, thus attaining the sense of ‘We Make It Sambhav’.”