Programming Club

Programming Club has been working to help people explore their hidden passion for programming. We help students understand some basic concepts and few who stick around enjoy and master the art competitive programming. This includes solving complex problems under some time and space constraints, which is a valued skill in the field of computer science. Our philosophy is to make programming a fun activity where students come up with problems and discuss solutions out of their interest.

We regularly organize contests and discussion sessions to encourage participation of the student community. We actively promote students to participate in algorithmically challenging competitions like ACM ICPC, Facebook Hacker-cup, Google Code Jam, Codechef Snackdown, TCS Codevita, Hackerearth Collegiate Cup and various others. Students of our club have represented DA-IICT at various such competitions.

Programming club continuously strives to uphold and further raise the bar for the programming capabilities of students at DA-IICT.