Microsoft Student Technical Club

We are individuals who come together and share common interest putting our ideas into existence in order to contribute to the Microsoft Community.

Many people have genuine ideas related to app and web development but there is no proper platform provided to them. We, as MSTC, come here and help them give the right environment to inculcate their ideas and develop for Microsoft. We aim to do this in as exciting and simplified manner as possible. If you want to find answers to your questions, share ideas, solve problems, or whatever may be your goal, MSTC is here to help you get more out of your ideas and technology. If you need help browse our club, or post a question and our community members and volunteers can help you understand the problem with advice or step by-step instructions.

We will also come up with various events and competitions which would help you to create a strong foundation for your dream competitions like those of Imagine Cup. So basically, we are here to make you experience the windows development environment and encourage you to develop and contribute towards the same.