Electronics Hobby Club

We, the EHC, as a group of enthusiastic electronics’ students aim to maintain and ¬†grow the culture of electronics in the campus of DA-IICT.

We believe that for excellence in any field, it is necessary that student has strong roots in terms of knowledge. With this idea, we assume basic electronic sessions for freshers in electronics. These hands on sessions, not only help students to have a thorough understanding of the subject, but also help them developing better understanding of what they are studying in the lectures. For students, who are thrilled by electronics or have amazing innovative ideas for projects, we support them for their adventures, in terms of resources, and guidance. We also have our won teams keep working on interesting projects. Apart from these ventures, we prepare freshers to participate in various university electronics competitions.

With all these efforts, we thrive to motivate students, as a whole community to develop a fresh perspective for electronics.