Hostel Management Committee

Hostel Management Committee works for peaceful, clean and student friendly environment in the hostel of DA-IICT. The purpose of the HMC is to develop a healthier environment in the hostel lives of all the students and induce the interaction between the students of the Hostel by various activity and events.

The Committee should carry out all the jobs of hostel management when required, under the supervision of wardens and hostel supervisor, thus increasing the efficiency of the hostel management. It also works as intermediate body between students and Administration, so we provide you platform to raise your request, concern, problems and complain so we can solve it or put it up to the concerned authorities. The most important duty of the HMC members is to identify the problems faced by their respective floor residents, and present them for follow-up to the Committee.  We also ensure the efficient use of the hostel resources by all hostel residents.

Apart from these, we carry out several survey to solve the problems related to electrician, carpenter and plumber. We also maintain the TV Room and issue chess and carom to kill the leisure time of the students.

We, at HMC , hope to create environment with peace and cleanliness in Hostel. Thus enhancing the quality life of the residents of the hostel by support of student community and Administration.