Cultural Committee

The Cultural Committee is responsible for keeping the student community of DA-IICT culturally alive, the college life happening and simultaneously preserving our culture amongst the students. It also promotes various cultural activities like music, drama and dance amongst the student community.

The Cultural Committee organises various big events all year round the academic calendar, thus creating an aura of excitement and enjoyment along with providing a platform for students to showcase their talent in front of the college. Some of the main OAT events include the Dance Nite, the Drama Nite, etc.

Apart from these, the Cultural Committee also takes upon its onus, the celebrations of various festivals throughout the year including Janmashtami, Eid and, one of the most popular one, Navratri. With this, it makes an attempt to promote the significance of these festivals as well as generate a homely feeling for the students.

The Cultural Committee recognises itself as an important aspect of the soul of a student’s life and strives to make the college life a colourful and memorable one.